Origami Demo's

My Role

I wanted to share my prototyping experiments through GitHub so that I can also play my part in sharing knowledge with the world. I keep adding more demo's as I build them.

Google Inbox Animation

This is a re-creation of Google Inbox app animation. There is a lot going on in this:

  • The list splits up into two parts, one goes up and one goes down.
  • The additional information panel masks in.
  • The header image has a parallax effect when dragged up but no parallax while coming down.
  • The additional information page closes if you drag it down to a certain distance and release the touch.
Download from GitHub


Instagram Photo Editor

After experiencing the Instagram photo editor for a while, I found that there were a lot of back and forth interactions for very simple controls. I wanted to re-design it so that it is more user-friendly and easy to use.

This design is one such attempt to simplify the photo-editor.

Download from GitHub


Dynamic Cards

In this demo, I explored creating dynamic content in the prototype. The cards are generated dynamically and the content for each card is generated using loop builders.

Download from GitHub